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Is it safe to have blinds fitted during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Fitting Blinds during Covid-19 outbreak

Are you wondering whether it’s safe to have blinds fitted during the Covid-19 outbreak? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes. As long as social distancing is followed during the process and other key steps are taken to avoid transmission of the virus, you can still have blinds installed in your […]

2018 Trends for Blinds and Curtains

Spring and summer are the perfect time to spruce up your home, updating tired decor and experimenting with new trends. Whether you’re looking to carry out an entire room refurbishment or just revamp some soft furnishings, updating your blinds and window coverings can have a large impact upon your room’s style. Let’s take a look […]

What is the BBSA ‘Make It Safe’ campaign?

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If you have young children in your household, their safety is of paramount importance. Whilst you may have carried out thorough child-proofing throughout your home, one aspect that can often be overlooked is your blinds – more specifically, their cord/chain operating mechanism. New blinds have to meet certain safety requirements since updated health and safety […]

How To Clean Wooden Blinds

Wooden Shutters

Wooden blinds are an elegant option of window covering which can add warmth and a homely, rustic tone to a room. However, to maintain the beauty of your wooden blinds, it is important to keep them clean and dust free. Although slatted blinds can gather dust more easily than other styles, regular cleaning and deterring […]

5 Benefits of Blackout Blinds You Get Nowhere Else

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The type of blinds you purchase will be entirely dependent on your unique requirements, not just on what you think looks good (though obviously that plays an important role, too). For instance, if you’re looking to insulate your home then honeycomb thermal blinds are the ideal choice. Another is if you need to block out […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

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How to Make Your Home Warm One of the biggest concerns people have during the winter months is how to keep their homes warm as the mercury plummets. While you could splash out large amounts of money on the heating, there are other, more ingenious methods to keep your home warm that you should consider. […]

How to Brighten up Your Dark Room

Shutter Blinds

A happy home is one that is comfortable, warm and bright. Sometimes, though, making your room feel as bright as it has the potential to be can be easier said than done. This may be because it sits on the wrong side of the house or that you have poor lighting installed. Whatever the reasons, […]

What Are Your Blinds Really Saying? The Importance of Colour

The types of blinds that you have in your room can convey a whole host of moods and impressions that most people may not even give a second thought about. However, familiarity with the feelings certain colours and styles can invoke is pivotal to choosing the right blinds for your room, blending with and complementing […]